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I love this app. I just wish it would show the song and artist that is playing!

My favorite music app

The stations on this app have been my primary source of music for a year. Recently, however, the stations failed to connect. Finally, after a few weeks of this, I deleted and reloaded the app and its been fine since. If not for that crash I would have given full stars!


There are many a plus for this great app. Large selection of radio stations, no monthly fee, excellent sound quality and a very easy to use interface. The only reason it gets a 4 out of 5 is because it is unstable. Sometimes ill be listening to a station and the connection will drop. Overall, great app!


I love all the different stations, but think this app could be set up in a better way. Plus I keep losing all my "favourite" stations.


Definitely worth it.

Love It

Great App. Wish I could see artist and song title, but thats okay. Still love it!


It would be rad if we could see the Artist and Song Title. Still a great app, love it!

Wish I could love this more.

Seems like a great app, but I always lose the station Im listening to after about an hour. Or it goes out of range... I dont know, but its annoying.


I dont understand why I cant open the app any more unless I deled an reinstall it again it happens over and over and over but the free app working good though. This is the best app ever and Im sure they will fix it soon. Im giving it 5 star anyway.

The best ever !!

Simply the best ! Highly recommended to all music lovers out there

A Waste of Money!

This was a beautiful app but now, all we get is "Failed To Find Station" for several different stations! ...not sure why???

Works Fantastic

I understand occasionally it fails to find a radio station, but by far this thing works fantastic. I am very satisfied.


Great companion. It works. Im happy ;0)

Def jam

Nothing to say station is#1

Hi def radio

This is an excellent app in my opinion. May not be the prettiest on an iPad, but it lets me store and play anything I want, as long as there is a URL stream for it.

You wont be dissapointed.

I can finally hear good music from my country!

Waste of money

Always saying station not available, meanwhile there are listeners... Ugh

Amazing sound quality

Hi def rocks


Really enjoying the new upgrades. Keep it coming guys. Top Notch

Love this app!!!

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