HiDef Radio Pro - News & Music Stations 应用的评论


Not good

Most selections are unavailable. Needs "local stations" category. Pretty interface and record feature but not worth the money. Many better radio applications are available.

Great when it works

Finding stations is kind of hit or miss with this app but there's definitely been some improvements made with its stability. It's an app worth trying

Great app

Love this app

Excellent Radio App

Really good internet radio app. Variety of music is incredible.

Words cannot describe...

how much I hate this app. The ads are never-ending and the ability to read a URL is very limited. The previous incarnation was much better at grabbing stations. Unfortunately, when I downloaded and installed this piece of crap I lost the whole list of stations from the previous rev.! Don't bother spending the time with this junk.


I purchased this as one reviewer said he was getting old radio crime shows which is one of the reasons I purchased this. Hardly any of the stations I'm interested in can connect and the app isn't compatible with my iPad Pro - I get the message it won't be updated and it will slow down my iPad - I rarely take a chance on something like this and now I've paid for it as I don't see how to contact the developer to get my money back for this purchase. Don't waste your time on this one.

Stable app that gets the job done.

I have been using this app for just over three tears. It works well and I've ever had a crash with it. It covers quite a few stations and in spite of what 'Trevor' said, it does deliver HD streams from stations that make them available.

Great app has many great choices and easy to use!

Love it!


Great app. Works well without buffering. Great choices in stations and genres. I would definitely recommend to all music lovers.👍🎼

Not HD music

It's called HD but it is really low quality from my experience the stations are actually low sample rates. True HD or better known as hi fidelity is 320 kb per second but most stations are 80-120 Kbps so how can you call your app this if it's not

Only app l'll use!

I'm into instrumental and plays what I prefer to listen to. Can't find else where. I'm from older time, so the commercials don't bother me. I get a kick out of some them. I went pro upgrade, think it's great.

Application support

Very little support. Application needs to be refreshed often Service not improving


The quality is absolutely wonderful. Best audio experience one can have on a relaxing afternoon, or an evening of searching sounds!!!!

No News Stations

I purchased this based on the screenshot that shows "News" as one of the genres. Upon opening the app and going to genres, choosing "News," there is a list. Selected two options with the same result. "Refresh" list. Upon refreshing list, not a single choice. I am asking for a refund. I have no other use for this app,


Love it 👍🏾

Won't record anymore.

This app was fabulous. But I can't record any stations anymore. I removed the app and reinstalled it but it still won't record. Please fix this part of the app. That's what made it such a nice app.


I love this app LEGIT

Too many ads

Paying extra for the pro app is a rip off because there are too many ads


I love this app!!!! The option of genre choices is awesome!!

Ok app

Payed for app still a lot of commercials still. A lot of time can't find station when you pick and open station . But over all ok app.

Waste of money

Unable to access stations. 2 out of 50 plus attempts. Try a diff app. I want to listen to music. Not be frustrated by trying to actually access a station that is not full or that has a bad url.

Fantastic application

Excellent application love all the stations to choose from! One complaint I just bought the advertisement free version and the very first thing I heard was an add. I sure hope I don't hear any more adds, if I do I will be asking for a refund. But still have to say it's a great application easy to use and lots to pick from. Thank you!!

No longer works

Keeps saying feed server full and has been doing this for weeks.

For the love of God!!!!!

I love the variety of music available thru the app. It does crash from time to time. But for the love God please either reduce the number of commercials. Do you really need to play them every 5 minutes seriously. You pay $1.99 to get rid of the ads how much to get rid of the commercials. I stopped listening to one app due to lack of variety and constantly hearing the same songs over and over. All theses commercials are killing me. In the time I wrote this listening to the app the commercials played twice. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Total waste of $$$$

Paid version doesn't work!!! Free version at least loaded top most featured stations. None of the settings function here either, no working alarm or sleep mode, skins, etc.

Love it


Good sound

The only reazon I give it 4stars is the sound best in the web, the only negative thing is that you tune to one station to day but a lot of times you can't tune in to same station tomorrow or after an hour, if they fix this will be the best radio streamer in the web for $1.99


Why can't I listen to Howard Stern? He's the only reason I downloaded this app. What can I do to fix this.


Great app

Beyond horrible

Every station that sounds good is not available. Give me my $2 back! Total waste. Lol


Difficult to maintain radio stations

Stations Not Found: Poor Usability

The app's station search is not easy. There's a long dismiss list before finding a sound of music. In a random sampling, I found 3 "now playing" stations amongst a repeated pattern of 25 "dismiss" selections, characterizing poor usability. I would not recommend this app to a friend or colleague.

Great app

Terrific sound quality choice of genres and international stations. Love choices of Beatle stations.

Great App

Listen to it while I go to sleep.


Terrible app no Howard stern radio like advertised I got ripped off $

No howard stern

Ok radio but howard stern is nowhere to be found

Good App

I've used HiDef (paid version) for a while now. Works well, but occasionally drops. Sometimes my favorite blues station is max'ed out. Glad I have it.



Rip off

Does not play total rip off DO NOT BUY

voiceover accessible and useful

good selection of stations and works with voiceover


Love it, need more!!!


Awesome!! They have great selection of channels. Never regretted up grading.I highly recommend.

Fabulous App!

Unique and works flawlessly. Lots of interesting channels not easily found anywhere else!

Just a great app

I love this app. Definitely worth getting pro


Awesome app

Excellent App

I'm a Jazz and Classical fanatic. Great variety of stations for those musical styles.

Great app, for the most part...

I'm very glad I purchased this app as it gives me access to numerous channels of old time radio crime / mystery shows; however, it freezes up several times a day and sometimes plays a particular channel only to indicate no access to that same channel 3 minutes later.

Very good

This app has a good selection of stations and I found a station I liked in any kind of music. Only one problem, some of the stations listed were not on the air anymore. But again I always found one or two that I liked in any area.


Great app keep them coming love the stations. This station is the best House and Latin music

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